Our theme "wine - reflection of earth an man" guides us by assembling our portfolio. The first focus is directed towards interesting producers and regions. In a second step we select the wines which are representative for the producer and well represent his production. He will eventually win our confidence through his complete work not through single products. Considered the other way around: once in a while even a blind chicken will find a corn ...

To our wine producers and wines:

allergens in wine
wine contains sulfites. EU regulations of July 2012 require declaration of sulfites if wine contains more than 10 mg/l (measured at bottling). The traditional purpose of adding sulfites is to avoid oxidation and micro bacterial infections in order to preserve the wine. However, alcoholic fermentation produces some sulfites as well. Therefore even wines without any added sulfites need declaration of sulfites because they contain between 10 and 20 mg/l of sulfites as well. Besides sulfites milk- and egg products may be used to stabilize some wines. Currently the only wines in our portfolio concerned in this aspect are red wines of Pago de Carraovejas from Spain. They stabilize their wines very traditionally with natural egg white and do not filter their wines.



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